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Why We Are Here

Why do we need Bond and Levy Dollars?

Public schools are not fully funded by the State or Federal government. School districts use local bond and levy dollars to raise the additional money needed to fully fund education.

Bond issues and tax levies are both paid through property taxes and both require approval for voters (60% for bond and 50% for levy).


Usually funded over a longer period (20-30 years) and are typically used for building and upgrading schools.


Usually funded over a 3-6 year period and are intended to provide learning enhancements. However, given the funding shortfall from State and Federal government, districts are using levy dollars to fund basic education.

PSD Current Bond and Levy

2003 $45M Bond (2003- 2019)

Funded modernization of Purdy Elementary, the gym and music building at HRMS, air quality work throughout the district and portable replacement.

VOTER APPROVED! Over 60% voter approval.

EXPIRES: in 2019

2016 PSD Continuation Levy (2017 – 2020)

Funds 24% of the PSD BASIC EDCUATION budget including staff, safety, athletics, professional development, technology, curriculum and maintenance.

VOTERS APPROVED! Over 70% voter approval, passing in all 43 precincts in the Peninsula area.

EXPIRES in 2020

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