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Family on paddle boards

2017 SUP in the Harbor!

September 23, 2017
1:00- 4:00pm
Skansie Brothers Park, Gig Harbor

A stand up paddle boarding event for all ages and skills, including an attempt to break a world record of 390 paddle boarders! See the schedule of events here.

Stand up Paddle Boarding Relay Races and Parade, including an attempt to break a world record of 390 paddle boarders. A Community Celebration of our Schools! Free onshore activities for all. Participation in paddle boarding is optional.

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Who Are We?

Stand Up for Peninsula Schools (SUP) is a committee of citizens, business owners and parents working together to promote local funding for Peninsula Schools.

Our mission is to help promote the passage of Peninsula School District (PSD) bond and levy measures and communicate the funding impacts on our schools and community. Our efforts help make sure our schools continue to be pillars of the Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula communities.

Why We Exist?

Our work is critical to help promote the passage of Levy and Bonds. PSD is prohibited by law from using school resources to actively promote the passage of bond or levy measures. While the PSD can communicate the facts, it is up to the campaign to actively seek YES votes.

Why do we need bonds/levies?

Public schools are not fully funded by the State or Federal government. School districts use local bond and levy dollars to raise the additional money needed to fully fund education.

Bond issues and tax levies are both paid through property taxes and both require approval for voters (60% for bond and 50% for levy).

Bond: Usually funded over a longer period (20-30 years) and are typically used for building and upgrading schools.

Levy: Usually funded over a 3-6 year period and are intended to provide learning enhancements. However, given the funding shortfall from State and Federal government, districts are using levy dollars to fund basic education.


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